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Support Texas teachers and double your impact!

#TeachersCan partners want to match your donations!

To date, #TeachersCan partners have raised more than $3 million to support teacher requests for classroom and project supplies. When you choose an eligible project and make a contribution, your donation is doubled while the matching funds last.

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Texas teachers, we have two big opportunities for you!

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Join the #TeachersCan movement to help elevate the teaching profession

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Register your classroom wish list at for the #TeachersCan matching campaign

#TeachersCan is partnering with DonorsChoose through a matching campaign to help companies and individuals support teachers through donations to fund classroom projects.


How does it work?

  1. Teachers add their wish lists at
  2. Donors search for topics, teachers, schools, or regions to support
  3. Individual donors contribute to fund specific projects
  4. #TeachersCan partners match donations to double the impact

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#TeachersCan​/​DonorsChoose match partners.

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