Those who can’t
leave history
in the past,

Their jobs are getting harder. More teachers are considering leaving the profession. They aren’t being rewarded and respected to the levels they should. Something needs to change. That’s why #TeachersCan was formed.

In addition to ongoing social media and website content campaigns, #TeachersCan and its partners rally around three specific promotional periods to celebrate teachers:

Teacher Appreciation


During Teacher Appreciation Week, #TeachersCan produces multimedia content and engages Texans in recognizing educators who changed their lives.

#TeachersCan partners coordinate promotions — like discounts and freebies — for teachers while also highlighting the importance of teachers through their social media and website presences.

& #TeachersCan


Since 2021, #TeachersCan and its partners have raised more than $3 million through match donation campaigns to fulfill teacher requests for their classrooms.

Partners sign on as match-donors from May through August, then funds are distributed to teachers from September through December when Texans contribute to eligible projects, activating a partner match and doubling their donation.

Texas Teachers’


Each year, leading up to the week of October 5, #TeachersCan works to recruit cities, businesses, school boards, and Texans to honor teachers through several symbolic shows of support:

  • Proclamations from mayors and city councils
  • Resolutions from school boards
  • Prominent buildings and landmarks lit up in blue (the academic color of education)
  • Displays of light blue ribbon on columns, trees, and walls